One month before International Exams, our French students are busy! The beginners start to order at Café Kaban in French: what a great learning progression!

Some testimonies include:

Mugisha (B1 student):

« Je parle maintenant français grâce à notre professeur » – I speak French now thanks to my teacher.

Alma (Lawyer):

«Le cours à l’Alliance se passe bien contrairement aux autres centres minuscules. Le professeur est sympa et clair. Il y a d’autres ressources comme le centre de ressources multimédia, les films, …je conseille d’autres personnes à venir étudier à l’Alliance française». – The course at Alliance is going very well compare to small centers in town. The teacher is nice and clear. There are a lot of resources to study such as the multimedia centre, the movies…I advice anyone to come and study French at Alliance Francaise.

Join us ! Our next session will start on 6th July 2015. Registrations are already open and will end on 3rd July 2015.


The DELF is an internationally recognized diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the proficiency of candidate in French language. Here is wishing you all the best in your preparation for the upcoming DELF Exams.

And for our TEF candidates, we are crossing our fingers for the 28th of May. TEF is the French proficiency French language exam for immigration for Canada.